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About NitrosData

NitrosData is an experienced team of data experts that have been collaborating since the 1980s when we started our careers at the Kurchatov Institute Computing Center and include graduates of MIPT and MEPhI.

We have received several awards from prestigious Russian and international IT exhibitions and contests. NitrosData is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, member of the RUSSOFT association.

We provide a full range of services for audit, design, implementation and maintenance of high-load information systems.

Our professionalism and qualifications allow us to implement complex and large-scale projects, thereby creating unique solutions that provide a competitive advantage for the customer’s business. We also provide telephonic and electronic tech support services.


NitrosBase RDF Storage

State of the art high-performance graph database. Based on W3C semantic standards including RDF and SPARQL. Combines the flexibility of graph models and the power of high-performance databases.

Key Benefits:

  • Performance of searching, adding and modifying data;
  • Scalability and reliability;
  • Compliance with open standards;
  • Innovative data processing capabilities.



Based on the results of the Ontology Summit 2014 Hackathon NitrosBase RDF has very high performance. On SP2bench benchmark NitrosBase outperforms closest competitors by 10-10000 times


The independent performance comparison between NitrosBase and Neo4j showed superiority of NitrosBase over Neo4j by several dozen times on average.

Open standards

NitrosBase RDF is based on open W3C standards. Adherence to open standards provides the following benefits:

  • Availability of a large number of additional utilities for getting data from external sources, converting data to various formats, administrative utilities, etc.
  • The ability to build systems compatible with new standards based on RDF, OWL, etc.
  • Availability of automatic converters from a table view of various SQL databases to graph;

New possibilities for data processing

NitrosBase provides new ways for data processing, thanks to high performance and support for modern data processing approaches:

  • Adding new data and modifying data without system reengineering
  • Combining structured and unstructured data, including results of linguistic analysis
  • Online information collecting from many diverse sources into a single semantic storage
  • Implicit connections search and implicit information identification
  • Developing the intelligent systems based on various AI methods including ontologies, rules, frames, semantic networks, etc.

The cost of software is determined at the request of the client, depending on the requested characteristics. To purchase NitrosBase Multimodel software, please contact us by E-Mail or fill out the form below.

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